Our Storage Solutions varies from archive box shelving to flat map storage and cantilever racking, our specialists can help you identify the systems and products best suited for the storage of your collection or modern records archive. Bruynzeel offers a full range of products to meet any challenge. 

Our specialist project managers will help you maximise the use of your available space. Plans can incorporate door openings, restricted height ceilings – even ventilation ducts. Our bespoke solutions include:

  • Archive box shelving
  • Cantilever racking for rolled maps
  • Deep shelving for special collections
  • Plan chests for flat map storage
  • Drawers and cabinets
  • Static and mobile shelving for boxed material
  • Shelving for books and documents
  • Picture racking

There are 3 Types of Operation in Mobile Shelving System

Hand Crank

hand crank 2

Electronic Panels

Intelligent Touch Screens

Designed to Integrate, not only accommodate.


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